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The University of Canterbury Centre for Risk, Resilience and Renewal (UCR3) was founded in 2013 to support the growing demand for university level emergency and crisis management, for both academic and practitioner education and professional development. We use the experiences and strengths of one of the top 250 universities in the world (QS World Ratings 2014), to bring a dynamic and evidence based series of professional development short courses and qualifications, delivered by postgraduate faculty with international experience.


The goal of UCR3 is to improve understanding of risk, resilience and renewal; and to apply this to development of improved strategies for risk reduction, development of resilience and implementation of post-disaster renewal. This will be done by scientific but practice-aligned research, by practically-relevant professional and academic education programmes, by joint projects with communities from families to the nation, by strong linkages with natiopnal and international institutions and organisations in these fields, and by promulgating our advances widely and effectively.

UCR3 will become a nationally and internationally recognised centre of excellence contributing positively to community capability and resilience, as they relate to natural and human caused disasters.


UCR3 seeks to promote excellence in teaching risk, preparedness, response and recovery to a wide community, both internal to UC (academic education) and external (academically qualified professional short courses), with the aim of creating better application of science with operational best practice.  Teaching activity will provide internationally relevant academic and practitioner education through effective delivery incorporating leading academic expertise and research. UCR3 also offers international institutions with a unique opportuntiy of bringing thier own students to New Zealand for a practical and highly relevant educational experience through our Hotsted Education Programme.


UCR3’s research support activities will promote close collaboration between practitioners and researchers to define and develop industry-driven research opportunities and to foster closer relationships between academics, researchers, PhD candidates and practitioners.  A key goal is to create an environment which promotes interaction across disciplines thereby helping to contribute to the creation of stronger disaster resilient communities.

Experience and Expertise

In September 2010 a sequence of major seismic events began which seriously affected the Province of Canterbury, the City of Christchurch and the University of Canterbury.  Over the intervening two years, the manner in which each community involved prepared for, dealt with and recovered from these events provides an opportunity never before experienced in New Zealand, the learnings from which are both nationally and internationally relevant.

Because of the internationally acknowledged quality of the University’s response, both institutionally and academically, the University of Canterbury is uniquely qualified to host and support UCR3 through a combination of passionate and well qualified academic and professional staff who are able to lead and promote the development, dissemination and application of knowledge in risk, preparedness, response and recovery from major adverse events.

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